About My Garden Life

At My Garden Life, we want to inspire gardeners at all levels to grow healthy and happy plants, share their love of gardening with others, and inspire plant appreciators to experiment more with plants in their homes and gardens.

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You might already be familiar with our parent company, MasterTag. MasterTag supplies the tags and pot labels that accompany the plants you bring home from your favorite garden centers.

My Garden Life takes you beyond the plant tag basics with expanded information and ideas on how to use, grow, and trouble-shoot the plants in your home or garden.

Our Mission at My Garden Life


To provide plant lovers at any experience level with information on plant varieties and how to grow plants successfully.


Engage with other plant enthusiasts and get fresh plant and gardening ideas with My Garden Life on Facebook and Pinterest.


Inspire gardeners to do more with their plants with fun and easy projects for any space, indoors and outdoors.

Our Team of Horticulturists

The team at My Garden Life is composed of horticulturists and gardening enthusiasts with years of combined experience. We are here to answer your questions on the website or on social media.



Favorite Season: Summer

Lives in Zone 5b



Favorite Season: Spring

Lives in Zone 6b

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