Choosing Perennials for a Bloom-filled Summer

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May 20, 2014
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Flowering perennials can easily bring color to your garden throughout the summer, and beyond. Most perennials flower for at least two weeks and some for several months. Choosing a mix of perennials that begin blooming at different times can give you a continuously vibrant display all season long.

  • Bloom time information can be found on plant labels or at My Garden Life Plant Library. Regular visits to the garden center throughout the season are a fun way to easily see what blooms when and which perennials you really like, face to flower, so to speak!
  • Be sure to mix flowers forms for the most eye-pleasing display; such as daisy-like, spikes and bell-shaped.
  • Matching your selections by sun and water requirements will also help to ensure your perennial display is lush and healthy.

Following are a half dozen each of flowering perennials for early, mid and late summer bloom-start times. You can also find many more in the My Garden Life Plant Library.

Begin Blooming by Early Summer

Jacob’s Ladder


Woolly Yarrow


Painted Daisy


Begin Blooming by Midsummer



German Statice

False Sunflower



Begin Blooming by Late Summer

Black-eyed Susan

Autumn Sage


New England Aster

Showy Stonecrop

Balloon Flower

If you’re looking for plants that flower for a long time, and year after year, then check out this list of Five Extra-Long-Blooming Perennials.


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