Modern Christmas Lights Offer so Much More

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If you’ve been struggling with putting up Christmas lights, or maybe ready to just give up on them completely, it’s time to gift yourself some up-to-the-minute holiday illumination options. No longer is the hardest part putting them up, it’s picking them out! Your nerves and your neighbors will rejoice!

Features to Reignite Your Christmas Lighting Enthusiasm:

  • More Basic Choices – String lights come with bulb sizes from micro-mini to retro-large and even icicles, snowflakes and stars. Rope lighting shines for highlighting architectural lines with ease. All come in a much broader range of single or combination colors than our parents would have ever imagined.
  • More Ease – Net lights for dropping over shrubs, pre-lit artificial trees, clips for easily hanging exterior light strings and timers, all simplify things before, during and after the holidays.
  • More Pizazz – The ability to control flashing rates and patterns is now common for rope, string and tree lights, offering exciting and changeable options for each. Music syncing is the latest feature!
  • More Safety and Savings – Flameless candles, luminaries and energy saving LED bulbs are all safer than their traditional versions, plus they save time and money with less frequent replacement needed.


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