Organizing the Garden Shed

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An organized shed makes the pleasure of gardening more attainable and can be as simple or detailed as suits your style. Your first aim will likely be to store your gardening tools and supplies in a manner that allows for safe, easy access. Beyond that you may want a work surface, garden-inspired décor and maybe even a chair to sit and recover from, admire, or dream up garden projects.

Let this list of organizational helpers get you started!

  • Pegboards to hang hand tools, spools of garden twine, and a cup of markers and blank plant stakes.
  • Sturdy hooks or racks for larger tools.
  • Bins for soil and such.
  • Shelves for pots, fertilizers and bug potions.
  • Potting Bench for planting up containers, plotting garden layouts, jotting garden notes and labels.
  • Baskets for toting and storing your most frequently used hand tools and for harvesting.
  • Mini-clothesline for hanging gloves to dry.
  • Whisk broom for bench-top tidying.
  • Magnetic or push-pin board for inspiring photos, plant tags, chore lists, etc.
  • Chair, bench or hammock for resting, savoring and planning.


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