10 Hanging Basket Ideas

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May 22, 2017
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No matter if you’re looking for a new twist or are new to hanging baskets, here are ten tailor-made suggestions to try.

1. Grow Edibles in Hanging Baskets

Do you have limited space for a garden, but want to grow your own fruits, veggies and herbs? Edible plants in hanging baskets are a great way to keep a homegrown harvest close to your kitchen door.

Suggested Plants:

Fragaria x ananassa Strawberry Hanging Basket Red and Yellow Nasturtium in Hanging Basket Petroselinum crispum Parsley in Hanging Basket Lycopersicon esculentum Cherry Tomato Hanging Basket
Strawberry Nasturtium Parsley Cherry Tomato

2. Single Show-Stopping Plant

Some plants are spectacular performers on their own and their cascading displays steal the show without the help of supporting plants. Put one of these showstoppers in a hanging basket for a classic, beautiful decoration.

Suggested Plants: Fuchsia, Ivy Geranium, Petunia

Begonia Dragon Wing Red Begonia Hanging Basket Lobelia erinus Blue Lobelia Hanging Basket
Begonia Lobelia

3. Flowers Butterflies Love

To draw butterflies near your home, plant a hanging basket with nectar-rich flowers that they will seek out. You can sit back and watch them visit the flowers from the comfort of your deck chair.

Suggested Plants: Zinnia, Alyssum

Pink, Purple, and White Petunias in Large Hanging Basket Butterfly on Red-Orange Lantana Flower
Petunia Lantana

4. Mix Similar Shades of a Single Flower Color

Choose flowers that are similar, but slightly different shades and combine them to create a pleasing pop of color. For example, mix hot pink, pale pink and rose pink flowers together to create a stunning hanging basket combo.

Suggested Plants: Calibrachoa, Petunia, Verbena, Pansy, Begonia, Geranium, Bacopa
Favorite Color in Similar Shades - Analogous Colors - Begonia, Petunia, Verbena, Pansy

5. Foolproof Fragrant Plants for Baskets

For some extra oomph, in addition to pretty flowers, add a fragrant plant or two to your hanging basket combination. You will enjoy the sweet smell as you pass by the door or sit on your balcony.

Suggested Plants: Alyssum, Lantana

Calibrachoa, Brachyscome, Diascia Hanging Basket Orange, Red and White Nemesia in Container
Diascia Nemesia

6. High-Contrast, Complementary Flower Colors

Select two colors that are across from one another on the color wheel. These two complementary colors will deliver the most contrast and be an eye-catching combination. Try pairing purple with yellow or rosy red with golden green.

Suggested Plants: Zonal Geranium, Bacopa, Sweet Potato Vine, Petunia, Calibrachoa
High-Contrast, Complementary Colors - Petunia, Calibrachoa

7. Trailing Foliage Plants for Hanging Baskets

Flowering plants are not the only way to create a striking hanging basket combo. There are many plants with colorful or textured leaves that you can combine for a long-lasting, continuous display.

Suggested Plants: English Ivy, Spider Plant, Pothos, Creeping Jenny, Coleus, Sweet Potato Vine, Licorice Plant, Dichondra
Lively Leaves - Spider Plant, Dichondra, Pothos, Creeping Jenny

8. Drought Tolerant Plants for Baskets

For baskets that hang in a particularly hot, sunny location, consider combining drought tolerant plants that will not suffer easily from a lack of water. These plants are also ideal if you tend to forget to water a hanging basket every day.

Suggested Plants: Succulents, Portulaca, Lantana, Zinnia angustifolia

Sedum acre Goldmoss Stonecrop Hanging Basket Senecio rowleyanus String of Pearls in Hanging Pot Portulaca oleracea Purslane Hanging Basket
Sedum String of Pearls Purslane

9. Plants to Attract Hummingbirds

Enjoy observing hummingbirds through a window or from your deck by planting flowers in your hanging basket they love to visit. Brightly colored red flowers are the most attractive to hummingbirds.

Suggested Plants: Nasturtiums, Lantana, Impatiens, Fuchsia
Double Flowered Fuchsia in Hanging Basket

10. Create a Privacy Screen Using Hanging Baskets

Plants that grow long vines can be hung on the end of a porch, patio or balcony to create a natural sense of seclusion.

Suggested Plants:

Dichondra argentea Silver Falls Silver Nickle Vine, Iresine Bloodleaf Hanging Basket Sweet Potato Vine and Petunia in Hanging Basket Cascading Hanging Basket of Petunia Wave Purple
Silver Nickle Vine, Dichondra Sweet Potato Vine Wave® Petunia

Find ways to arrange and decorate with your hanging baskets here, 5 Clever Ways to Use Plant Containers.


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