All About Birds

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Interested in bringing more birds to your garden or yard? Or, do you want to do more to support the ones that are already there? We’ve pulled together a collection of our top articles and tips on the always-popular topic of birds.


How to Build a Bird Friendly Garden
Garden with water, feeders and plantings designed to attract birds
5 Tips for Attracting Hummingbirds to the Garden
Hummingbird in a flower garden
Top 12 Small Trees & Shrubs to Attract Butterflies & Birds
Bird on a branch with a berry
Create a Garden that Attracts Birds
goldfinch in a dogwood tree

Food and Water

Winter Meals for the Birds
Blue jay on a branch with berries
Make Your Own Suet Bird Feeder
homemade suet and seed feeder
Make Your Own Decorative Garlands to Feed Winter Birds
Garlands made from cranberry, apple, and popcorn hanging on a shrub to feed birds
Top 5 Tips for Maintaining a Bird Bath
Birdbath in a beautiful garden
How to Winterize a Bird Bath
Bird sitting on a bird bath in winter


Create Nesting Areas for Backyard Birds
Blackbird with babies in nest
Nesting Materials for Birds
Bird gathering dried grass for making a nest
Instructions for Cleaning a Birdhouse
Birdhouse on a post by a pond
Anything we missed? Let us know what else you would like to learn about birds in the comments below.
Birds do it. Bees do it. Yup, we’re talking about pollination. Find out what critters besides birds are the top pollinators in your garden.


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