All About Container Gardening

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Whether you have containers dotted around your landscape or you have a small-space patio garden, this collection of time-saving tips and suggested combinations provides a wealth of ideas for outdoor potted plants.

Container Garden Ideas

Plants, combos and inspiration

Fragrant Dianthus in a PotFragrant Plants for Containers Pink, Purple, and White Petunias in Large Hanging Basket10 Hanging Basket Ideas
Heat-Loving Succulent Plants in Container6 Heat-Loving Plant Combos for Containers Butterfly on Aster FlowersContainer Gardens for Butterflies
Patriotic Geranium Planter with FlagsMake a Patriotic Container Garden Group of Pets_Dog, Rabbit, Bird, CatGrowing Herbs and Vegetables for Pets

Tips for Container Gardening

Design, solutions and display ideas

Large Container of Tropical PlantsFinding Perfect Companion Plants Watering Plants with Watering Can5 Ways to Water Containers While on Vacation
Assorted Potted PlantsTips for Choosing the Right Pot for Your Plant Petunia Flowers in UrnSecrets of Success for Outdoor Potted Plants
Deck with Planters, Hanging Baskets5 Clever Ways to Use Plant Containers Thriller, Filler, and Spiller Annual Plants in UrnTip: Creating Attractive Combination Containers
Urban Balcony Garden Container PlantsLimited Space Gardening for Urban Lifestyles Haworthia Succulent Plant in a Tea KettleUnconventional Garden Vessels

Edible Plants for Containers

Plants and inspiration

Citrus Orange Tree in Terracotta PotSecrets to Growing Citrus in Pots Strawberries in a Basket8 Tips for Growing Your Own Strawberries
Ornamental Peppers in Terra Cotta Pots6 Beautiful Edible Plants for Containers Dried herbsMake Your Own Herb Blends

Transplanting Potted Plants to the Garden

Advice on how to plant

Narcissus Yellow Daffodils in PotsBeyond Basic Care – Potted Flowering Bulbs Lilium_Pixie Double Potted LilyTransplanting Potted Lilies to the Garden

Decorating for Fall and Winter

Seasonal inspiration and more

Chrysanthemum Orange Yellow Mum in a PotGet the Most Out of Potted Mums Winter Container Arrangement with Dusting of SnowCreate a Gorgeous Winter Container Garden
Fall Autumn Containers and PumpkinsAutumn Container Combinations DIY Festive Winter ContainerDIY Festive Winter Containers When It’s Too Cold for Plants

Didn’t find the info you needed about growing plants in pots? Let us know in the comments below!


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