All About Growing Annual Plants

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What are annual plants and why should you grow them in pots or your garden?

  • Instantly Adds Color – Annuals last one growing season, so you can grow new plants each year in any color you like. Or if you have a spot that looks dull, you can plant annuals to quickly fill in the area with color.
  • Continuous Color All Season – One of the great things about annuals is that they are usually colorful for a longer time than perennial plants that return year after year. Annual flowers tend to bloom continuously from spring until fall.
  • Lots of Colors and Sizes – Annual plants come in a huge variety of flower and leaf colors. They also come in different heights, from trailing to towering. So, there is bound to be just the right annual for any place on a balcony, deck or in a garden.

Choosing Annual Plants

popular annual flowers for pots or your yard

Annual plants will grow for a single season. Use these lists of annuals to find plants that will add a pop of color.
Flowers by Color, Rainbow Flower SwirlAnnual Flowers by Color
A list with pictures of some of our favorite annuals, sorted by color to make it easy for you to find your favorites.
Easy to Grow Annual Flowers, Zinnias in a GardenTop 10 Easy to Grow Annuals
Ten super-easy, low-maintenance annual plants that can make this one of the most relaxing gardening seasons you’ve ever had.
Pansy Flowers on Chicken Salad, Edible FlowersEdible Flowers – Delight All Your Senses
Some flowers are more than just a pretty face, they can be eaten too! Use edible flowers to add a colorful, flavorful twist to nearly any recipe.
Heat and Drought Tolerant Annual FlowersHeat and Drought Tolerant Annuals
If you have hot, dry conditions that doesn’t mean you can’t grow plants. Look at these 20 annuals that can tolerate heat and drought.
Lantana Flowers Next to Bridge in GardenTips for Choosing the Best Annuals
Tips on choosing the best annuals to set you up for a hassle-free season bursting with color.
Annual and Perennial Plants in Flower Garden and PotKnow Your Plants – Annual vs. Perennial
Learn the differences between annual and perennial plants and how to decide which type of plant is best for your gardening needs.

Caring for Annual Plants

growing tips

Here’s how to take care of annuals and keep them blooming.
Water sprayer for watering plantsWays to Water Your Garden
All garden plants need water, but the amount they need is different. Use one of these watering techniques to ensure your plants thrive. You’ll save time too!
Watering can watering plants5 Ways to Water Containers While on Vacation
Nobody wants to be welcomed home by crispy, dead plants! Here are five ways to water your potted plants while you’re out of town.
Woman shopping for plantsWhat to Do When You Can’t Plant Right Away
What happens when you get home from the garden center and can’t put those plants in the ground right away? This article explores your options.
Strawberry plant coated with frostYour Last Frost Date – What You Need to Know
Check the last frost date for your area, learn why it matters and discover how you can work around it to avoid subjecting your seedlings to damaging conditions.
Potted plants with annual flowersTips for Choosing the Right Pot for Your Plant
The perfect plant deserves the perfect pot. Find out how to choose the container that will keep your plant healthy and give it plenty of room to grow while still looking stylish.
Deadheading a daylily flowerHow and Why to Deadhead Flowers
Deadheading is one of those small things you can do that will yield big results in your flower gardens and planters. Here’s all the info you need to get started on this essential maintenance practice.
Tall Flowers Falling Over, RudbeckiaStake Your Flowers to Keep Them from Falling Over
Supportive stakes can improve the appearance of plants with tall flower stems or exceptionally heavy blooms. They’re simple to install and enhance the beauty of your garden by keeping your plants upright.
Gloved hands applying red ceder mulchWhat’s the Best Mulch for My Landscape?
Mulch is a great way to improve the health of plants and give a polished look to the landscape. Learn about different types of mulch to determine which are best for your landscaping needs.
Fertilizer beads in jarPlant Food 101
Explanation of the most important nutrients plants need to thrive and how those nutrients influence plant growth and development.
Red begonia in potSecrets to Growing Beautiful Begonias
Begonias are popular because they are easy to grow and come in a wide range of varieties. With a few tips, anyone can grow beautiful begonias.

How to Plant Annuals

four easy steps to planting

Change the color scheme of your outdoor space in an instant by planting annuals in the ground or in pots.

How to Plant an Annual, Infographic

Designing with Annual Plants

tips and ideas

Annuals are great for filling in space between perennial plants or shrubs.
Balcony Garden with Furniture and PlantsIdeas for Starting a Balcony Garden
Looking for simple ways to use plants and decorate your apartment balcony? Start balcony gardening!
Rose Color Plant Combo_Hibiscus, Coleus, Euphorbia, Gazing Ball5 Tips to Refresh Your Garden
It’s easy to spruce up your flower beds and pots without spending much time or money.
Plants with Colorful Leaves for Pots_Coleus4 Plants with Colorful Leaves for Pots
Create a vibrant scene to decorate your doorway or porch! Combine bold-colored leaves from tropical plants in containers.
Woman planting an impatiensPrinciples of Design in your Garden
There are 7 principles of gardening design: balance, movement, repetition, contrast, harmony, dominance and unity. Use these design ideas to create a beautiful landscape.
USA Patriotic Geranium Planter with FlagsMake a Patriotic Container Garden
What better way to show your patriotism than with colorful pots of flowers? Here are tips on selecting long-blooming flowers that are available in red, white and blue and grow well in containers.
Red Geranium Planter near Adirondack chairs with Canada flagFlowers to Celebrate Canada Day
Canada Day is one of North America’s biggest summer celebrations. Join the party with a few splashes of red and white in your landscape to celebrate the spirit of independence everywhere!

Growing Annual Plants in Pots

Choose your favorite flowers and grow them in a pot or hanging basket!
Gazanias, Pocket full of sunshine planterNo-Brainer Container Combos for Annuals
Eight easy-care plant combinations! Each combo includes a printable PDF with step-by-step directions and a shopping list.
Front Door with Hanging Baskets Window Boxes Planters5 Clever Ways to Use Plant Containers
Planters are a quick way to add color and style to gathering places. Arrange your potted plants to create an inviting and relaxing outdoor space.
Colorful Hanging Flower Baskets10 Hanging Basket Ideas
No matter if you’re looking for a new twist or are new to hanging baskets, here are ten tailor-made things to try.
Blue Ceramic Planters with FlowersMake Your Large Planters More Portable
This article describes four ways you can lighten up those big containers without sacrificing aesthetics or growing space.
Bench with Perennials and Annual Flower PotsSecrets of Success for Outdoor Potted Plants
Follow these basic care steps to keep your container gardens beautiful all season.
Foxtail Fern_Asparagus densiflorus Meyeri6 Heat-Loving Plant Combos for Containers
Try a combo of plants that will withstand hot weather in your next container display.
Potted flowersA Soil Calculator for Raised Beds and Containers
Before you make the trip to the garden center to buy soil, you can easily determine how much you’ll need using a simple soil calculator formula.
Annual Plant Combination ContainersCreating Attractive Combination Containers
Fill your landscape, deck and balcony with colorful combos. Here are a few tips to make the most attractive combination container.
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