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November 9, 2022
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Whether you’re shopping for the holiday season or just looking for a special way to show appreciation to the gardeners and plant lovers in your life, there are plenty of gift ideas for gardeners that are both practical and light on your wallet. Practical gifts can make a difference in daily gardening tasks, and aesthetic gifts enhance the beauty of a home or garden. Here are ten of the best gifts for gardeners for anyone on your list, whether they’re a master gardener or just a beginner.

1. Gardening Gloves

woman wearing bright orange gardening gloves while tying tomato vines to a stake
You probably know some gardeners who love the feel of their hands in the soil. It can be a great feeling to connect with the earth, but there are some occasions where hand protection can come in handy. Working with soil can dry out the hands and lead to rough and cracked skin, and dirt is notorious for getting stuck under fingernails. Plus, it’s common to get blisters or come across sharp rocks or debris while digging in garden beds.
Garden gloves are an affordable gift option that comes in a variety of styles for comfort and durability. Womanswork brand offers a garden glove that is both pretty and practical, available through Gemplers Farm & Home Supply Co.

2. Gardener’s Hand Soap or Scrub and a Nail Brush

colorful bars of handmade soap lined up on a wooden cutting board
If your friends forgo their gardening gloves, they might benefit from some gardener’s hand soap that will keep their hands squeaky clean and hydrated. Pair your gift of soap with a nail brush to guarantee a deep clean.
Gardener’s soaps or scrubs are often made with gentle exfoliants such as coffee, salt, or pumice and moisturizing ingredients such as plant-based butter or oils to rehydrate dry hands. Choose soap made with your gift recipient’s favorite scent or essential oils to add a personal touch. Herbaria makes a popular soap for gardeners with ingredients that are gentle on the skin but tough on garden soil and sap. Or, if you enjoy DIY crafting, try making your own soap!

3. Gardening Knee Pads, Mats, or Cushions

man working in garden wearing knee pads over his jeans and kneeling on a cushioning pad
Even for the young and agile gardener, kneeling as you maintain your garden pots, containers, or beds can have a toll on your knees. Gardening knee pads, mats, or cushions are an easy and inexpensive solution to protect knees from the ground or hard flooring. You can find pads that strap to the knees like roller skating pads, or purchase cushions made from soft rubber or foam. The floral print on this kneeling cushion at Mountain Warehouse makes functional “fancy”.

4. Reusable Plant Signs or Labels

pot of mixed herbs with decorative plant labels identifying each different herb
Your gardener friends might have grown quite the garden over years, and sometimes it’s very easy to lose track of what you planted where. Reusable plant signs or labels could save your friends money in the long run and also add some decorative appeal to their gardens. A variety of options are available in plastic, metal, or decorative wood or chalkboard signs that are especially decorative for indoor plants. Check out the incredible assortment of unique plant markers for indoor or outdoor uses on Etsy.

5. Watering Stakes

multicolored glass watering bulb in a pot of variegated ivy plant
Watering stakes are a practical gift that can be used for indoor houseplants or outdoor garden containers. They typically contain a water reservoir that can be filled and inserted into a plant pot to offer it water slowly and steadily over time.
If your friends go on vacation or are worried about a plant getting enough water, watering stakes are a great “set it and forget it” solution. Watering stakes can come in a variety of materials, such as brown plastic to blend in with garden soil, or attractive blown glass to double as a decoration. The beautiful hand-blown watering globes at Lowes are practical while still adding an artistic touch to a houseplant.

6. Bulb Kits

pots of white amaryllis flowers lined up in a window among other foliage houseplants
During the winter holidays, chances are that the gardeners in your life are already planning for their spring gardens. A kit of spring flowering bulbs is a perfect gift to get them excited for spring planting. Flower bulbs planted in early spring will give a yard a lovely pop of color at the start of the season. Cold-loving tulips or daffodils are a great choice! The assortment of bulb kits found at Bedford Fields are so easy to care for they’ll make great presents for anyone on your gift list.

7. Multi-Pattern Hose Nozzle or Wand

hand holding a bright orange watering nozzle spraying water on a vegetable garden
Versatile hose nozzles or wands that offer several watering options, such as showers, soakers, or misters, are helpful tools for anyone who has a lot of plants with different needs. A hose wand extends the reach of a typical hose nozzle and can be ergonomically easier to use than a standard nozzle. Hose nozzles and wands can get elaborate, but a starter nozzle with a few patterns can make a gardener’s life easier and won’t break the bank. With eight different settings to choose from, Gilmour makes a watering nozzle with the versatility to handle just about any outdoor job.

8. Produce Brush

hands holding a green apple and a produce brush cleaning the apple under running water in a stainless steel sink
The only thing better than harvesting fresh produce is eating it! Homegrown vegetables require a thorough clean, and a produce brush can get the job done, particularly for harder-to-clean root vegetables like potatoes, beets, radishes, and carrots. Produce brushes made from wood and natural fibers are often eco-friendly and can add a cozy aesthetic to any sink. One of the highest-rated vegetable scrub brushes for its ease of use and durability is the Oxo brand vegetable brush.

9. Wind Chimes

a row of brightly colored red, blue, purple, yellow and orange metal tubular wind chimes hanging in a display

Enjoying the beauty of a garden can be as rewarding as reaping what you sow. Wind chimes are a great addition to add atmosphere to a garden and make it a soothing place to relax after a long day. Try out chimes with different pitches or those made from different materials, such as wood or metal. Chimes with charms or stained glass ornaments can be as lovely to look at as they are to listen to. The Woodstock Piccolo chime from ChimeTime has a sleek style and an enchanting tone. You can even listen to an audio recording of the chime before you purchase.

10. Macramé Plant Hanger

three different colored macramé plant hangers with pink petunias hanging next to a house
Macramé plant hangers are another cozy and inexpensive gift idea that you can try making yourself! Displaying plants in hangers made using different colors or rope or beads can transform a room or add dimension to a deck or patio. The Tablecloths Factory has cotton corded macramé plant hangers suitable for pots 5-6” in diameter. Gifting your plant hanger with a vining plant such as a heart-leaf philodendron makes a lovely gift for any home.
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