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Mums are a “must-have” when it comes to decorating for fall. Indoors or outdoors, their lush blooms blend beautifully with the colors and textures of the harvest season. They’re also a welcome transition as the flowers of summer start to fade; giving us one last burst of flowers before the cold days of winter set in. If you’re ready to start decorating for autumn we’ve got some ideas to get your creative ideas flowing.

1. Decorate Your Doorstep

Doorsteps decorated with mums (chrysanthemums) and other fall-themed items.

The cool days of autumn are an invitation to return to the indoors. Give your guests a warm welcome with a display of blooming plants, grasses, corn stalks, hay bales, gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn. Combine them with whimsical touches of ribbon, string lights or even a friendly scarecrow.

2. A Grand Entrance

Outdoor staircases decorated with mums (Chrysanthemums) and other fall-themed items.

If you have a wide stair to your doorway, a few simple accents can turn your doorstep from bland to grand. Always take care to leave plenty of room for people to safely go up and down the steps without the décor obstructing the path.

3. Center of Attention

Mums (chrysanthemums) can be used in centerpieces.

Autumn fruits and flowers combine beautifully to create eye-catching centerpieces for outdoor patio and end tables. Bring autumn’s beauty indoors with a centerpiece for the dining table, an accent on a fireplace mantle or create a focal point for a holiday buffet.

4. Mums for All Seasons

Ways that mums (chrysanthemums) can be used indoors and outdoors.

Potted chrysanthemums do double-duty when you use them indoors and out. Use them to dress up a table, doorway or hearth inside your home. Outdoors mums can be displayed in their original containers, placed into decorative pots or planted directly into the ground. With so many options you can carry your autumn theme throughout your home and landscape.

5. Picture Perfect

Use potted mums (chrysanthemums) to stage a fall-themed photo shoot.

You’d be amazed how professional-looking you can make a photo look just by doing a little staging. A few pumpkins and colorful mums and you’ve got the perfect “studio” for photographing children, pets or an entire family.

6. Cool Season Color

Mums (chrysanthemums) in containers with other cool-season plants.

Just because summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on your garden. All the following plants thrive in cool temperatures. Use them to add a splash of color and fragrance right up to winter’s first frosts. Combine a variety of plants to create a colorful autumn container.
Ornamental Cabbage Calendula officinalis Cyclamen
Ornamental Cabbage Calendula Cyclamen
Dianthus Dusty Miller Sweet pea flowers
Dianthus Dusty Miller Sweet Pea
Stock flowers - Matthiola incana Nemesia flowers Pansy
Stock Nemesia Pansy
Primrose Snapdragon Viola
Primrose Snapdragon Viola
Don’t forget that fall is the time of year to plant flowering bulbs such as crocus, tulips and daffodils. These bulbs will emerge and flower in the spring. Learn more in our article, Planting Your Bulbs for Fall.


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