Flowering Tropical Plants for Your Patio

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August 4, 2021
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Many tropical plants are known for their colorful exotic flowers and they make great outdoor container plants. This also makes them ideal for adding a touch of luxury to summer get-togethers. When you get out the tiki torches, lawn chairs, and grill for the summer, don’t forget to pick up a few potted flowering tropical plants. Exotic flowers will turn your patio into the ultimate tropical oasis. The following are among the wildest selections to spice up your outdoor seating area.


Close up of a brilliant yellow hibiscus flower with a striking red center

Hibiscus can give any space, indoors or out, an instant exotic flair. They’re available in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and are easy to care for. Hibiscus are native to warm regions and their enormous flowers go hand in hand with images of leisurely days spent on a warm, sunny beach.


Close up of bougainvillea blossoms in various shades of pink

Bougainvillea flowers resemble crepe paper decorations. The flowers cover the vines from early summer until the first frost and come in shades of red, pink, salmon, fuchsia, yellow and orange. You can often find bougainvillea pre-trellised in a pot. This allows you to set them up as temporary dividers to create privacy for your outdoor gathering areas.

Bird of Paradise

Close up of colorful bird of paradise plant - Strelitzia

Bird of paradise is a lush combination of big leaves and unique flowers. The blooms appear at the top of upright stalks and have the appearance of the neck of a bird peering up from sprays of foot-long leaves, which, with a little imagination, could be its tail feathers. Each flower has a pointed purple and red ‘beak’ and plumes of aquamarine and neon orange sticking out from the ‘head.’


Close up of bright pink Mandevilla blooms

Mandevilla’s trumpet-like blooms provide a long season of dramatic color. They’re easy to grow in a pot with the addition of a trellis for the vines to climb. Flowers are available in shades of pink, red and white. Best of all, the hummingbirds and butterflies that mandevilla blossoms attract will bring your tropical garden to life!

Dwarf Oleander

Close up of a cluster of pink oleander flowers on a dwarf hybrid plant

A dwarf version of the beloved oleander shrub is suitable for growing in large pots. Blooms appear on and off throughout spring and summer. Note that oleander is toxic to humans and animals if ingested. Those with pets or small children may want to consider other options.

Winter Care of Tropical Flowering Plants

Blooming pink hibiscus growing in a pot indoors by a bright window

You can bring any of these tropical plants indoors for the winter in areas with freezing winters. Just be sure to place your plant near a sunny window or glass door where it can receive plenty of light. Another option would be to provide artificial lighting throughout the winter. The move indoors is a good time to prune if your plant has become large or leggy. Bring your plant back outdoors once the danger of any late spring frosts has passed.
Don’t forget to add some foliage plants to create the ultimate tropical setting. These Tropical Plants with Really Big Leaves are the perfect companions to your flowering plants.

Enormous elephant ear plant growing in a patio pot by a house


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