Flowers to Celebrate Canada Day

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Every July 1 the citizens of Canada celebrate the birth of their nation with Canada Day. This is the day that Canada was officially born under the British North American Act. Originally known as ‘Dominion Day’ the Governor General signed a proclamation in June of 1868 requesting that all Her Majesty’s subjects across Canada celebrate the anniversary of the confederation. By Canada’s 100th Anniversary in 1967, many cities across the country were celebrating with festivities and events similar to what we know today, but it wasn’t until October 27th 1982 that ‘Dominion Day’ was officially renamed ‘Canada Day’.
Easy-care annual plants and flowers are a great choice for bringing the colors of Canada into your landscape all summer long! They’re perfect for planting in the ground or growing in containers on a balcony, deck or patio. Look for trailing types to hang in baskets along a porch or pergola. Red and white planters are also a great way to add bold blocks of color, and don’t forget to add a Canadian flag for the perfect finishing touch to your Canada Day celebration!
Wax begonia Calibrachoa Canna Coleus
Begonia Calibrachoa Canna Coleus
Dahlia Dianthus Dusty Miller Fuchsia
Dahlia Dianthus Dusty Miller Fuchsia
Gerbera Daisy Geranium Impatiens Petunia
Gerbera Daisy Geranium Impatiens Petunia
Salvia Sweet Alyssum Swiss Chard Zinnia
Salvia Sweet Alyssum Swiss Chard Zinnia

Combining annual and perennial plants is the best way to ensure an interesting and ever-changing container planting or landscape – all summer long. Not sure what the difference is between annuals and perennials? We can help! Take a look at our article, Know Your Plants – Annual vs. Perennial.


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