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Flower Bio: Begonias

Botanical Family: Begoniaceae (Begonia Family)

Related To: Begonias are the only group of plants in their family.

Born In: The nearly 1,800 species of the Begonia genus originate in the tropical regions of the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Bred By: Famous flower breeders of the past, such as Victor Lemoine and Leslie Woodriff, developed begonia plants that would grow in flower beds and had other desirable traits, like fragrance. The accomplishments of past hybridizers paved the way for Arnold van Peteghem, a modern-day begonia grower who died in 2014, to develop many of the large-flowered varieties popular among gardeners today.

All-Star Varieties: Solenia™ (a compact ‘tuberous’ begonia with three-inch blossoms); Angel Wing (a ‘cane’ begonia with beautiful leaves and clusters of flowers); ‘Gryphon’ (a begonia grown for its eye-catching leaves that always look great)

Begonia Angel Wing, Solenia, Gryphon

L to R: Angel Wing Begonia, Solenia™ Begonia, ‘Gryphon’ Begonia

Fun Fact: Begonias were first discovered by Europeans in the late 17th century during the colonization of Latin America. It was the French botanist Charles Plumier who first described the genus and named it after his patron Michel Bégon, the governor of Haiti, who was also an avid plant collector. It is said that the naming of the Begonia genus began the tradition of plant collectors naming new species after another botanist they admired.

Find more information about begonias and how to care for them in our Plant Library.

Begonia Rex, Wax, Hanging Tuberous

Top Left: Rex Begonia, Bottom Left: Tuberous Begonia, Right: Wax Begonia


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