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Flower Bio: Celosia (Celosia species)

Botanical Family: Amaranthaceae (Amaranth Family)

Related to: quinoa, spinach, beets, alternanthera, iresine

Born in: Celosia plants are believed to be native to tropical regions of Asia and Africa, as well as North and South America.

History: The velvety flowers of celosia are long-time favorites. The original plants were much taller than what we grow today and were introduced to England from Asia around 1570. Celosia plants have been grown in North America since the 1700s.

All-Star Varieties: There are three popular types of celosia plants: Plumed Celosia (argentea plumosa), Crested Cockscomb (argentea cristata) and Spiked Celosia (spicata). In addition to growing well in containers or the ground, celosia plants make great cut flowers because they last a long time in a bouquet.

Types of Celosia Flowers - Plumed Celosia, Crested Cockscomb, Spiked Celosia

Fun Fact: The name “celosia” comes from an Ancient Greek word, keleos, which means “burning”. As you might imagine, the plant was named this because its flowers look similar to flames.


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