Get to Know Miniature Roses for Mother’s Day

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May 8, 2017
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Flower Bio: Miniature Rose (Rosa hybrid)

Related to: apple, raspberry, cotoneaster, peach

Born in: Most roses are originally from Asia, however there are a handful of roses native to Europe, North America and northwestern Africa.

Bred by: Ornamental roses have been grown since at least 500 B.C. The ancestors of most roses today were introduced in the late 1700s. The roses from the late 1700s were the first to flower multiple times each summer and paved the way for roses today that are bred to survive colder temperatures, resist diseases and flower longer.

All-Star Varieties: Palace® series (often fragrant & flowers repeatedly) – Parade® series (many flowers that bloom longer) – Victory® series, pictured below (fragrant & large flowers)

Victory series Miniature Roses

Fun Fact: Roses are an undisputed symbol of love, and potted miniature roses are a time honored gift – having been popular for over 200 years. They are certainly a beautiful and long-lasting gift for an important person in your life!

Indoors or Outdoors?

Potted miniature roses thrive on a sunny windowsill or outside on patios. If temperatures stay above -20°F (-29°C) in your area, then the rose may be planted in the ground and should survive over the winter. Choose one plant, or several, keeping in mind Mom’s favorite colors and add an extra flourish to your rose gift with a nice ceramic pot to match her style.

Pro Tip

Trim back a third of the miniature rose after each flush of flowers and fertilize every two weeks. Check out this link to find additional Care Tips for Fabulous Miniature Roses.


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