Grow-it-Yourself Amaryllis Kits

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October 27, 2015
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The name amaryllis is said to mean radiant or sparkling beauty and the gorgeous, trumpet-like blooms of amaryllis bulbs certainly live up to their name! Amaryllis kits make it super simple to enjoy this fresh beauty yourself or to gift one to others. Bulb, soil and pot are provided. With a few moments of preparation and a warm sunny location, amaryllis kits make it so easy to bring nature’s dazzle into the home.

  • The bulbs can be potted up anytime from October to April.
  • You can expect your amaryllis plant to bloom seven to ten weeks after planting by following the simple care and watering instructions included in the kit.
  • Unplanted bulbs should be stored at 40-50°F until planting time.
  • For extended dazzle; buy several kits and take one out of storage, for potting up, every two weeks to create a long-running display!


  1. Mary Kay Miller

    Should I leave the cover on the pot? There is a big hole in the center where the shoot çomes out.

    • My Garden Life

      Hi Mary Kay,
      That cover was likely placed there to keep the bulb stable during shipment. Your bulb will remain healthiest with that cover removed so that air can circulate and you can water freely. Moisture trapped around the bulb by any sort of covering could encourage fungal growth that could damage the bulb.


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