Houseplants for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Houseplants for a healthy lifestyle! Plants not only make you happy but help purify your indoor air environment by absorbing some of the many toxins found in our homes.

Remove VOCs

In the late 1980s NASA performed a study to determine the effect houseplants have on purifying indoor air. Houseplants were found to grab and filter out volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Based on the study, however, you would need a lot of houseplants to purify a room.
Experts suggest placing roughly 10 plants per square foot of home or office space to have any significant impact the overall air quality.

Promotes Health

Plants can provide a calming, comforting effect on us. Some studies have shown that indoor plants can actually help in speeding up recovery time from illness. Other known benefits of indoor houseplants are: stress reduction, increase of moisture levels in your home (reducing dry skin), improvement in sleep, and even aid in congestion, headaches and allergies.

So not only do they look great and add some color to your home décor, they also help with our health. Here’s a list of 10 Indoor Plants for a Healthier Office.


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