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Potted European trees are a great way to bring the forest-fresh
feel of a full-sized holiday tree to small spaces. Whether you are in an apartment,
office, or just looking for a long-lasting decoration for a centerpiece or mantle,
these little cypress Christmas trees add the perfect festive touch. Mini cypress trees can often be purchased
with decorations already attached or you can add your own to suit your taste or
holiday theme.

Once you find a miniature European Tree® to decorate your home, you might be wondering how to keep it
looking its best through Christmas and into the new year. We’ve gathered all
the essential care tips and answers to our most frequently asked questions here
in a quick list.

European Tree Light Requirements

European Tree Light Requirements_Potted Christmas Trees
Set your living holiday tree in a bright sunny location, but not directly in sunlight. Display your European Tree® near a north-, east- or west-facing window that is bright, but sunless.

How Often to Water European Cypress Trees

Another important step to keeping European Trees® looking good is providing the correct amount of water. The soil should always be kept slightly moist, but not soggy. Test the surface with your finger and water when it’s just dry to the touch. If left unchecked, over- or under-watered mini cypress trees will lose their needles.

Pro Tip: After each watering, dump out the extra water that runs into the saucer or pot wrap. It’s not good to leave a plant sitting in water.

European Cypress Tree Placement

Never display a living holiday tree on top of a radiator or appliance. The heat given off will dry the plant out quickly and likely result in an unhealthy-looking plant. It’s also best to keep your little tree at least two feet away
from forced-air vents which can dry out the needles and soil.

Fertilizing European Trees

Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly at half the usual rate recommended in the package directions.

What to do with your European Cypress Tree After the Holidays

European Cypress Tree After the Holidays_Repotted European Trees
If you live in USDA Zones 5 through 9, then you can plant your holiday tree in your garden rather than disposing of it (find your USDA Zone here). Your European Tree® should be repotted into a larger container in early January and grown indoors until the soil thaws in spring.

For those without a garden but with some sunny balcony or patio space, you can continue growing your miniature cypress outdoors in a planter. You’ll want to repot it into a slightly larger container every couple of years as the tree grows. Note that the hardiness of a potted tree kept outdoors through the winter is 2 zones higher than if it were planted in the ground. That means a potted European tree growing in a planter should be brought indoors if winter temperatures fall below 0° F (-18° C).

Cypress trees are native to temperate, coastal areas where the summer temperatures rarely exceed 80° F (27° C ). European Tree® is a short variety that will grow six to ten feet tall if grown in the right conditions in the landscape.

Visit our Plant Library to learn more about European Tree® Indoors.

European Trees in Flower Shop_conifers in pots


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