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January 13, 2021
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Every year there are new landscaping ideas, popular plants and fresh décor colors. And although 2021 is a year of unexpected potential, it’s the best time to start your first garden, add a houseplant to your home office or create a welcoming outdoor space to sit with friends and family.
Let’s talk about plant trends!

Create an Outdoor Space to Safely Visit with Others

It’s a great time to set up and use outdoor community spaces. Arrange outdoor furniture and create a safe gathering area in your yard or on your balcony. These ideas will help make the outside area cozy and welcoming for socializing with your friends and family.
Create an Outdoor Space_Outdoor Room Idea_ Stone Seating Area in Tropical Garden Create an Outdoor Space_Backyard movie theater
Outdoor Room Design Ideas Watch Movies in Your Backyard

Houseplants are Trending

Whether you work from home or socialize on video conference calls, it’s nice to share your office space with indoor plants. Besides their good looks, houseplants:
  • Reduce stress and boost your mood.
  • Raise humidity levels in your home, reducing dry skin.
  • Speed up recovery from illness.
  • Increase your productivity.
To find an indoor plant that suits you:
Potted Sansevieria Plant in Living Room on End Table 2 Senecio Plants in Pots_String of Pearls
What is Your Houseplant Style Plants as Art

Color Trends

Yellow Calla Lily in Pot, Yellow Primroses in Urns Near Yellow Front Door, Yellow Sunflowers in Gray Vase

Interior decorating and fashion trendsetters selected their “color of the year.” Pantone provides a color matching system for the design and printing industries. They decided 2021 is all about two colors, “illuminating” (yellow) and “ultimate gray.” These colors convey happiness with a firm foundation of hope.
You can bring yellow and gray into your garden with:
  • Cushions, pillows and umbrellas to combine with your outdoor furniture.
  • A painted trellis or wood lattice screen.
  • Colorful or patterned pots.
  • Accents of yellow flowers: pansies, marigolds, sunflowers, lysimachia, rudbeckia and gerbera daisies.

Grow Your Own Food

Tomatoes and peppers are the most popular vegetable plants. If you don’t have a lot of space, then look for tiny plants to grow in pots or a small-space garden.
Tomato Roma Tomato Patio
Roma Tomato Patio Tomato
Baby Bell Pepper BellaFina Hot Pepper Basket of Fire
Baby Bell Pepper ‘Basket of Fire’ Hot Pepper

Focus on Wellness, for Yourself and the Planet

At a time when many of us have extra worry, gardening is a great way to reduce stress and improve your wellness. More people are choosing to garden for nature. If growing plants more sustainably is one of your 2021 goals, check out our list and pick one to try:

Best Plants to Grow in Your Garden in 2021

Catmint Plants Growing in a Garden_Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta
The 2021 Perennial Plant of the Year is Nepeta (Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta). Here’s what is great about nepeta, aka the lesser calamint:

  • Grows 18-inches tall and wide.
  • Fragrant leaves are deer resistant.
  • Low maintenance and tolerates drought.
  • Attracts bees and other pollinators.
  • Small white to pale blue flowers from early summer to fall.
The top plant picks from the National Garden Bureau for 2021 are:
2021_Year of the Hyacinth Watercolor

Bulb – Year of the Hyacinth

Highly fragrant flowers in a range of colors

2021_Year of the Sunflower Watercolor

Annuals – Year of the Sunflower

Great for first-time gardeners

2021_Year of the Garden Bean Watercolor

Edible Plants – Year of the Garden Bean

Harvest as soon as 50-60 days after planting

2021_Year of the Monarda Watercolor

Perennials – Year of the Monarda

Pollinator plant that also resists deer and rabbits

2021_Year of the Hardy Hibiscus Watercolor

Flowering Shrub – Year of the Hardy Hibiscus

Fast-growing native plant that tolerates wet areas

What are your plant goals for 2021? Will you create a balcony garden or maybe you will add a new houseplant to your home office? Share your goal with us in the comments below.


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