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July 2, 2018
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As the trend for blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor décor continues to grow, you might be wondering how you can bring some fresh style to your garden scheme. To give you a few ideas, we’ve put together a list of decorative accent items that can quickly and inexpensively tame your wild spaces into areas with a bit more charm and an inviting, cozy feeling.

1. Garden bench

If you’ve created a fabulous garden space but now all you need is the perfect place to relax and enjoy it, then you need a garden bench! Garden benches come in a wide range of styles from classical wrought iron and concrete to more modern combinations of wood, metal, or plastic. Benches are perfect for creating a strong focal point in the landscape. Use one as a centerpiece and surround it with flowers and shrubs. Most benches will fit two or three people, so be sure to invite a friend over!

2. Sundials

For those days when you want to take a break outdoors and leave the cell phone behind, but you still need to know when it’s time to go get the kids from practice, count on a sundial to keep you on track. Our ancient ancestors used the sun to tell time and it still works! Place yours in the garden or on any hard-surfaced area such as a deck, patio, pedestal or table top.

3. Butterfly feeder

Butterflies are attracted to many flowers but did you know they can also be lured by shallow pools of water and certain fruits? They are particularly fond of ripe, juicy berries, citrus, melons and bananas. Butterfly feeders come in many styles. Hanging and pedestal types are especially nice for keeping the food and water easy to reach for butterflies, but out of the way of other wildlife.

4. Bird bath

Bring your space to life with a small, reliable water source. Once birds figure out that you are willing to provide them with fresh water for drinking and bathing you will be rewarded with a steady stream of frolicking feathered friends from dawn to dusk. Birdbaths have become an integral part of garden design since the first commercial bird baths were produced in the mid-1800s and they still add an elegant, classic feel to the garden.

5. Lanterns

There are many great options for electrical and solar-powered outdoor lighting these days, but there is still something extra-special about the flicker of candlelight dancing in the darkness. Patio lanterns are a beautiful way to add a warm glow to a relaxing summer’s night outdoors. Bring the light anywhere you want it by placing lanterns on a table, deck ledge, stairs, or hang them from a bracket or shepherd’s hook.

6. Pavers

Adding a few pavers to your landscape doesn’t have to be a major construction project. Add vertical depth to your space by stacking pavers and topping them with containers filled with colorful flowers. Create an invitation to explore a flower border, vegetable garden, or wooded area with a path of casually-placed pavers. Easy!

7. Wall hangings

A fun way to take a traditional indoor theme and give it a new outdoor use is with weather-resistant wall décor. Just as you would hang a painting in your house, think about hanging ceramic pieces, metal sculptures, flags, mirrors, or even natural objects such as driftwood, seashells, or live flowers in wall planters on your house, garage, shed or fence.

8. Wind chimes

Whether it’s the rustle of leaves in a light breeze or tree branches thrashing about in a thunderstorm, the wind is always part of our outdoor experience. Use the wind to your advantage to add a dimension of sound and movement with wind chimes and small bells. They can be hung just about anywhere; from a tree branch, roof overhang, wall-mounted bracket, or a shepherd’s hook.

9. Sculptures

You’ll love the way “yard art” can instantly transform a landscape from ordinary to a sophisticated sculpture-garden feel. Sculptures can be made of wood, metal, fiberglass or cement and there’s a style for everyone, whether you like classical, bold architectural, or the whimsy of gnomes and toadstools, garden sculptures are a great way to make a space uniquely “you”.

10. Containers

Containers are one of the fastest ways to creating a new look. They’re available in so many colors, shapes, sizes and textures – the sky’s the limit when it comes to expressing your creative flair. And in case you haven’t heard, containers aren’t just for decks, porches and patios anymore, they’re a great way to add structure, height and a splash of color to traditional flower borders or vegetable gardens.

Whether your “landscape” is a small urban balcony or a spacious suburban lot, these outdoor décor ideas can be scaled to suit your needs. Best of all, they are all super-easy to install, low-or-no-maintenance, and they provide fun ways for you to bring a touch of your unique personal style to outdoor areas.


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