Cool Weather Spring Vegetable Containers

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Planting up a few containers of semi-hardy or hardy vegetables can be an easy way to bring some early season color and fresh produce to your doorstep. Mixing vegetables that mature from both above and below the soil, such as lettuce and carrots, will give maximum yield in minimum space. Also choosing for a contrast of leaf color and texture will add to their value as balcony or backdoor decor.

Planting the appropriate vegetables, providing a location with 6 hours of sun and keeping your containers watered is all it takes for a spring full of color, texture and flavor. You can start from seed or with transplants from your local nursery.

Pro Tip: Be sure to plant into containers with drainage holes and use a high quality potting mix.

Veggies considered semi-hardy can take what are considered light frosts (29 to 32°F). Those in the hardy category survive hard frosts (25 to 28°F). Below are some excellent choices for container growing.

Pro Tip: Planting them in containers gives you the added advantage of being able to drape a protective sheet over them when temperatures get too low, sparing them from damage.

Semi-hardy Vegetables

Beets Carrots Lettuce and Gourmet Salad Greens Potatoes Swiss Chard
Beets Carrots Lettuce & Gourmet Salad Greens Potatoes Swiss Chard

Hardy Vegetables

English Peas Edible Kale Parsley
English Peas Kale Parsley
Radishes Spinach Turnip
Radishes Spinach Turnips


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