Decorating Your Home This Christmas

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Christmas is that wonderful time of year to spread cheer and fill your home with seasonal décor. Live Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands are a beautiful and traditional touch in any home.


A garland is a nice touch on fireplace mantels as well as staircases. It acts as the perfect base for any theme, the colorful touches are up to you! A garland is also a fabulous accent around your front doorway. One of our favorite combinations is a blended garland rope of magnolia, red cedar, winterberry and pinecones.

Living Christmas Tree

A living Christmas tree completes the ambiance in a home. There’s nothing more authentic around Christmas than the festive smell of pine in the air. Tips to keep your living Christmas tree looking its best include a cool environment and ensuring it is well-watered. Make sure the tree is in a spot with filtered light, but well away from drafts and heater vents.

Decorating on a Budget

Although it is easy to get carried away, you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve that holiday look. Decorating on a budget can be a fun challenge. Why not develop a theme for your décor and buy decorations throughout the year so it’s not one big hit? Tell your family and friends about your theme as the holidays approach and maybe a few items will show up under – or even on – your Christmas tree! You could also try repurposing old decorations that are outdated. A little paint and glitter are inexpensive and a great way to give old ornaments a fun new look.

There are many places you can get inspiration, one of our favorites is Pinterest!! Put a creative twist on an old favorite, whether it’s adding some fresh garland, a bow or two, or maybe updating that old wreath to a modern theme.

Check out our Christmas Inspiration Pinterest board and kick-start your imagination this year!

Make Your Own Decorations

The secret here? Get crafty, get creative! The possibilities are endless. Try filling mason jars with fresh holly, spray painting pinecones to create a beautiful centerpiece or binding cinnamon sticks with a little twine around a candle. You really can do a lot on a limited budget. You’ll find most materials are in your home or backyard right now.

Candles Decorated with Twine, Anise Stars, Citrus Slices and Cinnamon Sticks


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