Easy and Fun DIY Garden Markers

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Labeling your plants is a great way to remember plant names or identify where plants are located. This is the perfect project to take on when you’re snuggled up indoors on a winter day planning for spring.

By far the easiest way to mark your garden plants is to use the label that was included with the plant. But what fun would that be! By making your own plant markers you can put your own unique stamp and flare into your garden.

Plant markers can be made of anything; from the always popular hand-written Popsicle® stick to something a little more upscale like recycled wine bottles.

Tomato Plants with Plant Labels

Try out a few of the ideas listed here for some easy do-it-yourself plant markers that are fun to make and look great.

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint Vegetable Plant Label

Chalkboard paint is a versatile product that has been used in many different projects, so why not go for it in the garden too? Use chalkboard paint on terra cotta pots and label your windowsill herb garden with ease. You can also paint it onto wooden labels found at your neighborhood garden center.


Painted Rocks as Plant Labels

Using paint and pens, you can transform some ordinary stones into super cool markers that totally rock (see what we did there)! You can stencil plant names or paint a picture of what you have planted, like peas or corn, on the rock. You could even use some glow-in-the-dark paint for late night garden appeal.


Stamped Copper Metal Plant Labels

Stamping plant names onto your label of choice is simple and easy to read. If you have the proper tools, you can stamp metal labels for a more permanent marker.


Painted Silverware Plant Labels

Find some funky silverware at the flea market or thrift store and use them to hold empty seed packets or handcrafted labels on decorative paper. If you have time, tools and a handful of spoons, you can flatten out the spoons and stamp names into the metal.

Bonus Inspiration

Yellow Dinosaur Roaming Below a Jade Plant

1. Use your sea shell collection and decoupage names or pictures on them.

2. You finally have a great excuse for getting rid of the tiny farm animal or dinosaur toys your kids forgot about years ago. Use them to hold a label you just made, cut from the plastic of an empty milk jug.

3. Save up wine bottles or soup can lids and write on them with paint pens.

Gather up your ideas and a few craft supplies to dream up your own new ways to make your garden a total reflection of YOU!


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