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Fall is upon us, and it is a one of the most fun times of year to decorate. The fall season ushers in one of the most colorful times of year and you can transform your house with shades of yellows, oranges and reds. Some of the simplest projects can add the most to your home.

I personally love the rustic or shabby chic look, so anytime I can incorporate those kinds of decorations organically into my house, I’m all for it!

One of my favorite “tools” to work with are mason jars, after harvesting and canning your garden bounty, you may have a few jars left over. This week’s project is “Fall” Ball Jars filled with ornamental grass.

What you need:

4 quart or regular sized mason jars

“Plaster” colored chalk paint

Orange or red acrylic paint


Paint brushes

Ornamental grass

Materials for Making Fall Mason Jar Decoration (jars, brushes, paint, stencils, ornamental grass)

I started by setting up my workstation with some old newspaper and painted a coat of chalk paint on each mason jar. I could have stopped at one coat; I really liked the distressed look that the brush strokes gave the jar. Unfortunately when I started to stencil the letters on the chalk paint started to come off, so I let them dry for about two hours and painted a second coat. I decided not to distress the jars, and if you want to avoid flaking you can add a light coat of matte sealant. (I didn’t.)

Next I took orange paint, I might have used red, but I had orange on hand so went with it, and started to stencil the letters onto the jars.

Painting Fall Jar Decoration with Chalk Paint and Stenciling

To finish the look, I took ornamental grass from our garden and landscape as well as some fillers. I can’t wait to put these out on my dining room table!

Fall Ball / Mason Jar Decoration

Click here for more projects and DIY.


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