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Items on a garden center checklist include watering can, pots, gloves and hand tools.
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April 23, 2018
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Have you ever arrived home from the garden center to realize, “I forgot to buy the one thing I really needed?” We’ve put together a handy shopping checklist to help you remember all the plants, garden materials, tools, and décor you might need for your next project.

Things to Consider Before You Go Shopping for Plants

Check Your Light Levels

Before you go shopping for plants, you’ll want to observe your growing situation so you can select the right plant for each location. Observe the amount of sunlight a space will receive in the morning, at noon, and again in the evening to assess whether the location is sunny, partly shaded, or shady throughout the day. You may want to make a map of your garden spaces that you can refer back to each season.

A woman with bright green gardening gloves planting flowers.

Measure Your Garden Space

Measure the space so you’ll know exactly how many plants you’ll be able to fit. Use the plant tags while shopping to determine how much space they’ll require for the healthiest growth.

Consider Hardscape Items

Will your planting space need some refurbishing before you start planting? Consider whether you will be needing fresh garden soil or compost, fertilizer, mulch, landscape fabric, or gravel in your finished landscape scheme.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools for the Job

Gardening is so much easier when you have the right tool for the job. Do an inventory of your tools to make sure the tools you have are in good working order and consider adding tools that might help you work more comfortably and efficiently. Early spring is a good time to lubricate and sharpen gardening tools, so they are in good condition for the growing season.

Think About Additional Landscape Décor You Might Enjoy

The best part about creating a beautiful landscape is being outdoors to relax and enjoy it. Things like benches and patio furniture give you a comfortable place to relax and entertain others. Wind chimes, bird feeders, bird baths and decorative planters are all ways to add an extra dimension of sound and activity to your space, as well as a touch of personalization with color-themed cushions or patio pots.  

Garden center checklist should include comfortable seating like these wooden folding chairs with lime green cushions.

Printable Garden Center Checklist

Before heading over to your neighborhood garden center, print out this checklist or save it in your smartphone to remember all the items you need in one trip!


Garden Center Shopping List_My Garden Life

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Include a Few Plants on Your Shopping List that Attract Butterflies

Everyone loves the grace and peaceful beauty that butterflies bring to the garden. Make your flower garden more magical by including flowers that butterflies love. Even if you’re a small-space gardener, growing plants in pots on a deck or balcony, you can incorporate flowers that will draw butterflies. For a list of flowers that attract butterflies and to learn more, see our article Container Gardening for Butterflies.

A yellow western swallowtail butterfly visiting an orange zinnia flower.


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