Halloween Pumpkin and Mum Centerpiece

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Halloween is right around the corner and we want to cherish that before we jump into Thanksgiving and Christmas. Halloween is the perfect time to incorporate nature into your decorating. Pumpkins are inexpensive and can be versatile and used as a vase for mums or any other fall flowers.

We love to hold onto the great colors of fall as long as possible, so of course we incorporated them into this week’s project made simple. To take it a step further we decided to utilize fall’s most popular vegetable, pumpkins!

This week’s project is a pretty, simple centerpiece and tablescape that will elevate your home and Halloween parties.

For this project you will need:

3 pumpkins (1 large and two small)

4 inch potted Mum


Burlap Runner


Painters Tape

Gold Spray Paint


Step One

Cut the top off of the large pumpkin, just enough to fit the mum pot and gut it. I don’t know about you, but gutting a pumpkin is disgusting and smelly not fun, so I did this part as fast as possible.

Step Two

Take the painters tape and wrap it around the stem of each small pumpkin. Spray the entirety of the small pumpkins (minus the stem) with the gold spray paint. Make sure the paint is metallicy (definitely not a word, but go with it) that way it will stand out and shine. Ideally you would want to do this outside or in a garage, but with limited space you could also lay out some cardboard and do it inside, just make sure to ventilate the room well and it will work great! Frankly, I did it inside because it was cold and windy outside, so no thanks! Leave these overnight to dry properly.

Spraying Pumpkins with Gold Paint

Step Three

Take the painters tape and tear it into 2″-3″ pieces and make a chevron line around the middle of the large pumpkin. If you don’t feel up to it, you can just make a straight line around the center of the pumpkin. TIP: Make sure to press the tape tightly to prevent drips. Next, take the gold spray paint, and paint inside the line. Let it dry overnight.

Use Painters Tape to Mask the Pumpkin from Paint

Step Four

Insert the mum inside the pumpkin.

Step Five

Get five to six strands of raffia and tie it around the stems of each small pumpkin in a bow. Lay out the burlap runner and set out all three pumpkins on the runner with the smaller pumpkins on the outside. The last thing to do is arrange the pinecones.

Voila! A beautiful Halloween centerpiece with minimal work, but all of the beauty!

Halloween Pumpkin and Mum Centerpiece

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