Help with Houseplants: Printable Plant Care Wheel

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Print and make your own straightforward care wheel for indoor plants. This guide tells you the kind of houseplant, how much sun it needs and when to water. Whether you want a houseplant that thrives in low light or is safe for pets, this plant care wheel has you covered.


3 sheets of printer-friendly cardstock
Double-sided tape or glue
1 paper fastener, prong or post


1. Print houseplant care wheel on cardstock.

2. Cut out the front and back circles of the wheel, plus the viewfinder.

3. Cut out the circles in the center of the wheel and viewfinder with a craft blade or fine-point scissors.

4. Use double-sided tape or glue to stick the backsides of the front + back circles together.

5. Fold the viewfinder on the dotted line.

6. Align the wheel between the folded viewfinder. Affix a paper fastener in the center.

7. Completed plant care wheel.

Printable Plant Care Wheel_How to Care for Indoor Plants

If you’ve owned some of your houseplants for a little while, then check out our tips for cleaning your plants.


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