How to Make Lavender Wands

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June 21, 2018
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Lavender wands are beautiful and provide a light, calming scent when placed in closets or drawers. Now that we know how easy they are to make, we want to make them as a thoughtful gift for all our friends and family!


  • 13 lavender flower stems (minimum 12 inches)
  • 3 yards of 1/4-inch ribbon
  • Twist tie
  • Scissors


1. Harvest the flower stems earlier in the day, so they are slightly wilted and easier to bend. Chose stems with flowers that are still in bud and not flowering. Strip the leaves from the lavender stems.

2. Gather the lavender stems into a bunch (must be an odd number) and use a twist tie to secure the bundle below the last flower buds. Attach the ribbon for weaving over the twist tie (this will be hidden once the stems are bent over).

Making a Lavender Wand_Bend the Stems3. Carefully bend each of the lavender stems over the flower heads and enclose the flowers. Distribute the stems evenly around the flower heads. Don’t let the stems overlap.

Making a Lavender Wand_Weave the Ribbon4. Weave the ribbon over and under the bent stems until the flowers are covered. Take care to pull the ribbon snug (the stems will dry and shrink a bit).

5. Wrap the ribbon around the stems and securely tie it off with a slip knot. Trim off the ends of the stems at the same length, for a tidy and even appearance.

We’d like to see how your wands turn out. Share a picture on our Facebook page, My Garden Life.

Lavender Wand with Orange Ribbon, Chinese Lantern, Heart-Shaped Stone


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