No-Brainer Container Combinations for Annual Plants

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May 11, 2020
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Combination planters have evolved from a garden trend to a mainstay of home landscape design. Gone are the days when a container is planted with a single color or variety. Today’s containers are lush combinations of flowering and foliage plants that create a garden feel all on their own.

It’s easier than ever to find mixed containers at the garden center ready for purchase, but it’s much less expensive and more satisfying to plant your own. We’ve taken the guesswork out of creating beautiful containers with eight colorful combinations that will save you time and money. You’ll find your shopping list and step-by-step directions detailing where to place each plant in your container. We make creating your own mixed container plantings so easy, it’s a “no-brainer!”

No-Brainer Containers

Here are eight of our favorite plant combination “recipes” designed with beauty, durability and compatibility in mind. Best of all, you can create any of these no-guess, low-mess containers in less than 30 minutes!

Dish of mixed sedum plants on patio table container with a mix of gazania, bidens, ipomoea, and euphorbia
A Carpet of Color
Full Sun
Pocket Full of Sunshine
Full Sun
urn with geranium, licorice plant and catharanthus vinca container with petunia, verbena, and dusty miller
Pink Piece of Cake
Full Sun
Tried & Truly Beautiful
Full Sun
Container filled with coleus in a variety of colors Container with mix of coleus, New Guinea impatiens, and trailing vinca vine
Keep Calm and Coleus On
Part Shade
Pretty & Proven Easy
Part Shade
container of mixed herbs - sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme container with impatiens, spike and lamium combination planting
Gourmet on Display
Full Sun
Parade in the Shade

Creative ways to design with containers:

  • Arrange multiple containers to create a single display.
  • Add spots of color around a patio, deck or swimming pool.
  • Sized right for small spaces, balconies and paved areas.
  • Place a pair on either side of a doorway, gate or stairway to create a warm welcome.
  • Move containers around to create a new look or redesign a space.
  • Place in a garden border to add height and interest.
  • Got company coming? Spruce up an area instantly with flowering containers.

Share your creation on Instagram and tag it with #NoBrainerContainer. For more container inspiration, explore All About Container Gardening.


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