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July 19, 2021
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There’s nothing more charming than a garden wedding, and if that garden is a family plot, the setting is sure to make heartwarming memories to last a lifetime. But your garden can serve as much more than the perfect spot to say, “I do.” Here are other jobs on your planning list that you might want to assign your garden:

Florist – use homegrown flowers for wedding bouquets and simple decorations

wedding party holding bouquets made from flowers cut from the garden

You don’t need to spend a fortune on flowers shipped in from overseas for your bouquets and boutonnieres, table toppers and alter decorations. Use flowers from your own garden! Perennials like hydrangea, peonies and roses are elegant and traditional wedding choices. Or plant hardy annuals like sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos and daisies for a bright splash of color.
Pro tip: If you don’t want to grow a cutting garden, you can buy locally grown flowers from a nearby flower farm.

Menu – use homegrown fruits and vegetables for wedding hors d’oeuvres or reception party meals

Depending on when your wedding day falls (and how flexible your caterer is), try working your homegrown vegetables into any number of delicious foods for your guests:
Bowl of Asparagus and Pesto Pasta Salad Vegetarian stuffed mushrooms Plate of tarragon flavored snap peas
Asparagus and Pesto Pasta Salad Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms Tarragon Snap Peas
Bowl of chilled cucumber soup topped with cucumber slices Dish of bacon and balsamic flavored Brussels sprouts Buttercup squash soup with sage
Chilled Cucumber Soup Bacon and Balsamic Brussel Sprouts Buttercup Squash Soup with Sage
And instead of wedding cake, how about homemade pie or a berry crisp using fruits and berries you’ve harvested from your own garden.

Place Cards – make your own favors and seating chart for a rustic, outdoor reception

composite image of wedding table with place cards and jars of jams at each place setting

You’ll want to plan for this one. Combine produce from your garden or local farmers market and some good, old-fashioned jam-making, then use the finished jars of jam to produce your own seating charts and bride’s gift for your guests.
  • First, you’ll need to pick or harvest seasonal berries and other fruit and make your own jam.
  • Download labels from the web or hand draw them, listing the type of jam and the name of a guest. A fun twist for kids attending the wedding is to fill their jars with jellybeans instead of jam.
  • Choose each guests’ spot at a table by placing their jam jar at their assigned seat.
  • More jam jars can serve as centerpieces and signs to direct guests to the correct table. At the end of the party, guests go home with delicious homemade jam, a sweet reminder of your unique garden wedding.
Not a fan of sweet jams? Homemade pickles will work just as well as a place card and favor to send home with friends and family.

jar of homemade pickles and fresh cucumbers



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