Plant a Patriotic Flagpole Garden

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Plant a garden bed with red, white, and blue flowers at the base of a flagpole to create a beautiful display of patriotism and pride. Developing a garden bed beneath the flag will also disguise the flagpole’s base and naturally blend the pole in with other garden features.



3-4 Stepping Stones

Dwarf Shrub

Ornamental Grass


Solar Light

Flagpole Garden Planting Diagram


1. Lay out a circular flower bed around the flagpole base with a diameter at least as long as 1/3 of the pole’s height. This creates the ideal proportions for the best appearance.

2. Place stepping stones to make a path to the pole, which provides easy access to raise and lower the flag.

3. Set a backdrop for the annuals by planting an ornamental grass and dwarf shrub. Select a grass and shrub that won’t grow taller than 1/3 of the pole’s height (taller than 1/3 would detract from the focus of the flag).

4. Fill the open space in the front of the bed with red, white, blue-colored annuals. Check the plant labels for spacing recommendations.

5. Apply three inches of mulch to the entire bed, leaving a bit of space around each annual, the shrub, and the ornamental grass.

6. Install a solar light to illuminate the flag at night.

Red White and Blue Verbena Flowers


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