Hare's Tail (Lagurus ovatus)

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Ornamental grass grown for its furry soft, white oval “bunny tail” plumes atop light green, grass-like arching foliage. Also known as Rabbit Tail Grass and Bunny Tail Grass. It loves the sun and is heat and drought tolerant once established.


Excellent cut flowers for fresh or dried arrangements. Wonderful if used as a border or along a walkway, and they are most showy when planted in groups.

Plant Feed

Not necessary.


Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings. Water freely in dry weather.


Light, sandy soil with excellent drainage.

Basic Care Summary

Prefers light, sandy soil. Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings. To dry, pick flowerheads before they are fully mature.

Planting Instructions

Watering Instructions

Pruning Instructions

Fertilizing Instuctions

Plant Details

Category Annual
Height Range 18-20″
Height Metric Range 46-51cm
Space Range 12-15″
Space Metric Range 30-38cm
Available Colors Green maturing to tan
Companion Plants Gerbera, Verbena bonariensis, Agastache
Lowest Temperature 10° to 30°F
Lowest Temperature Metric -12° to -1°C
Bloom Time Summer
Plant Light Full Sun
Hardiness Zone 8, 9, 10