All About Growing and Using Herbs

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May 4, 2022
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Choosing Which Herbs to Grow

Helpful tips for selecting which types of herb plants you’d like to grow and eat. You should also consider if you want to grow your herbs indoors or outdoors.
Grow your own mint teaHerbal Tea from your Windowsill
Growing your own herbs for tea is an easy and inexpensive windowsill project. Look for small pots of herbs sized just right for your window.
Potted Herbs on a WindowsillGrowing Herbs Indoors
A brief guide to enjoying gardening and herbs all year long.
Companion Planting in Raised Beds with Herbs and VegetablesVegetable Garden Companion Plants
Find out which vegetable companion plants can help each other grow better and which can cause harm when planted nearby.
Herb Garden in Clay Pots_ parsley, chives, rosemary, basil, thyme, sageChoosing Container Garden Herbs
Potted herbs are an easy way to liven up a home-cooked meal. Besides their culinary qualities, most herbs also lend style to container gardens.
Harvesting mintAll About Mint
All the basics of growing and harvesting mint, plus we’ll introduce you to 28 different varieties of mint.
Green and purple potted basilGet to Know Basil
Basil has excellent flavor and an endless variety of uses. It’s also available in lots of sizes and colors.

Growing and Caring for Herbs

If you’re ready to have the freshest ingredients at your fingertips. This care info will help you plan and grow an herb garden.
Lavender pot on patioHow to Keep Lavender Alive in the Garden
Lavender is easy to grow, especially in drought. Learn how to start lavender plants and keep them alive for years.
Tomato planters on deckGrowing Vegetables in Pots
Growing vegetables and herbs in containers is about to become your favorite garden move.
Potted flowersA Soil Calculator for Raised Beds and Containers
Before you make the trip to the garden center to buy potting or raised bed soil, you can easily determine how much you’ll need using a simple soil calculator formula.
Potted Plants and FlowersTips for Choosing the Right Pot for Your Plant
The perfect plant deserves the perfect pot. Find out how to choose the container that will keep your plant healthy and give it plenty of room to grow while still looking stylish.

Designing with Herb Plants

Herbs are great for planting among other plants to create an edible landscape. Or, potted herbs can make a fragrant centerpiece on your outdoor table. Here are ideas for creating fragrant and useful herb gardens.
Garden Phlox, Phlox paniculataCreate a Fragrance Garden
Flowering plants are all beautiful, but some are more fragrant than others. Discover ten plants that will add exceptional fragrance to your landscape.
Mixed perennial border with garden artIdeas to Create a Sensory Garden
You will delight all five senses in a sensory garden. Grow plants that you will enjoy looking at, tasting, touching and smelling. Listen to wind chimes or invite birds.
Rosemary and other plants in windowHerbs That Make Good Houseplants
The best herbs to grow indoors are those that have beautiful foliage with the bonus of flowers, fragrance or culinary uses.
Balcony with furniture and plantsIdeas for Starting a Balcony Garden
Looking for simple ways to use plants and decorate your apartment balcony? Start balcony gardening!

Cooking with Homegrown Herbs

You can harvest your own herbs, then use the leaves fresh or dried in your meals.
Raw beef with herbsGrilling with Fresh Herbs
A fresh supply of herbs from your garden adds tasty flavor to grilled foods.
Harvesting rosemary plantTips for Harvesting and Preserving Herbs
Get the most from your herbs by knowing when to harvest and how to save them for later.
Jars of dried herb blendsMake Your Own Herb Blends
Learn how to use herbs from your garden to make your own pizza, pasta or taco spices. We’ve included three easy recipes for seasoning blends.
Herbed saltsHerb-Flavored Salts and Sugars
Sugars and salts flavored with herbs are the latest trend to hit the culinary world. Read how you can get in on the action by making your own.
Pesto in bowlBasil Pesto
Four simple ingredients and ten minutes and you’ll have delicious pesto ready for pizza, pasta or dipping.
Baked fish fillets in a lemon and herb sauceLemon and Thyme Marinade
This simple recipe provides the basis for an unlimited number of herbal blends you can create for marinating fish, shrimp or poultry.

Herb Uses for Healthy Living

When you grow your own herbs you know exactly what goes into their care. This makes them an ideal ingredient for healthy food, crafts and DIY projects.
Calming herbs_chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, skullcap4 Herbs to Help You Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep
Herbs have long been used as sleep remedies. Learn how to use four different herbs to relax, fall asleep and stay asleep.
Boy feeding iguana kaleGrowing Herbs and Vegetables for Pets
Most pets can enjoy a range of fresh foods as part of their diets. Many of these herbs and vegetables are easy to grow in pots.
House miceHow to Repel Mice with Natural Herb Sachets
Stop the problem before it starts by making your own natural mouse-repelling sachets to place in your cupboards, in your vehicles, garage or any other place you’d rather not find these pesky rodents.
Lavender sugar scrub ingredientsEasy to Make Lavender Sugar Scrub
This easy-to-make lavender sugar scrub can be made in ten minutes with inexpensive ingredients from your pantry. It will leave you as refreshed and glowing as the most exclusive spa skincare products.
Mint herbal infusionMake Your Own Herbal Infusions
Herb-infused drinks are great for keeping cool on hot summer days. Besides tasting great, they’re low in calories and loaded with nutritional value.
Woman relaxing with herbal tea4 Plants for Reducing Stress and Anxiety
For centuries, people have turned to herbal remedies to soothe nerves and lessen anxieties. Let’s look at four easy-to-grow herbs known for their calming properties.
Mosquito on flower15 Plants That Safely Repel Mosquitos
Quite a few common plants contain natural compounds that mosquitos find offensive and avoid.
Cocktails with Herbs, Rosemary MintMake Herb-Infused Cocktails
Borrow some fresh inspiration with ingredients from your garden and impress your guests with an herbal cocktail.
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  1. Linda

    The lemon verbena didn’t come back and the tag didn’t indicate what zone it’s good for . I cut it back to see if it would green up but it looks like it’s dead

    • My Garden Life

      Hi Linda,
      You don’t mention what zone you’re in but the lowest USDA hardiness zone for lemon verbena is Zone 8. That means it should survive temperatures as low as 10° to 20°F (-12° to -7°C). However, as a young plant, if it hasn’t had time to get well established, that could make it more vulnerable to the lowest temperature ranges. To learn more about lemon verbena please see our Plant Library page HERE.


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4 Herbs to Help You Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

Herbs That Make Good Houseplants

Herbs That Make Good Houseplants

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