All About Growing Peppers

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Peppers are an international favorite for home gardeners. They’re easy to grow and unparalleled in their range of types, flavors, shapes, sizes and nutritional value. Here’s a collection of our popular articles to help you succeed with planting and growing peppers in containers or in a vegetable garden.

Tips for Selecting and Growing Pepper Plants

care and planting solutions

Get to Know Peppers from Sweet to Hot
Get to Know Peppers from Sweet to Hot
Garden Planting Schedule
Garden Planting Schedule
5 Common Pepper Problems and How to Fix Them
5 Common Pepper Problems
and How to Fix Them
Pepper Plants with Red Peppers Growing in Pots
How to Grow Peppers in Pots
6 Beautiful Edible Plants for Containers
6 Beautiful Edible Plants for Containers
Plant a Stir-fry Garden
Plant a Stir-fry Garden

Popular Types of Peppers

get to know the different kinds of peppers

Red, green and yellow bell peppers
Bell Peppers
A variety of different hot peppers arranged on a table
Hot Peppers
Fresh banana peppers sliced on a cutting board
Banana Peppers
bowl of fresh chili peppers on table
Chili Peppers
basket of colorful, orange, yellow, and red miniature sweet peppers on a table
Sweet Peppers
Pot of beautiful red and purple ornamental peppers on a patio
Ornamental Peppers *
*Be cautious about eating ornamental peppers from plants that are sold for decorative use. Nursery-grown plants, intended only for decoration, may have been treated with chemicals for ornamental – not edible – plants.

Our Favorite Pepper Recipes

tasty ways to enjoy your peppers

A plate of sliced chili pepper cornbread
Chile Pepper Cornbread
a bowl of hot pepper flakes surrounded by dried red chili peppers
How to Make Your Own Hot Pepper Flakes
stuffed peppers cooked in a crock pot
Slow Cooker Stuffed Bell Peppers
plate of tortilla chips surrounding a bowl of pepper cheese dip
Triple Pepper Cheese Dip
Expand your garden harvest with another easy-to-grow vegetable – tomatoes! Get started with our article collection about growing, preserving and preparing tomatoes.


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