Edible Plants for the Flower Garden

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To the avid produce farmer, row upon row of healthy plants—growing, blooming and fruiting—are as beautiful as Michelangelo’s frescoes. But even the most discriminating flower aficionado can find something to admire in the many edible plants–flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs—that look as good as they taste.
Here are a few of our favorites plants that are equally at home in the flower bed, the vegetable garden or on the dinner table.


Purple basil plant in the garden Thai basil 'Siam Queen' plant in the garden Garlic chives in full bloom in the garden
Purple basil Thai basil Garlic chives
Anise hyssop in flower in the garden Creeping thyme plant with white flowers Close up of rosemary plant with purple flowers
Anise hyssop Creeping thyme Rosemary


Purple bush beans on the plant Close up of the bright red stalks of Swiss chard vibrant yellow and red chili peppers on the plant
Purple bush beans Swiss chard Chili peppers
Okra plant with yellow bloom close up of the red veins of the French sorrel plant's leaves a head of dinosaur kale in the vegetable garden
Okra French sorrel Dinosaur kale

Edible flowers:

Nasturtium plant with orange flowers Chinese violet, Asystasia gangetica, in flower Beautiful borage plant in full bloom with blue flowers
Nasturtium Chinese violet Borage
cheerful Calendula flowers in the garden close up of pink hibiscus flower lavender plants in full bloom
Calendula Hibiscus Lavender


potted lemon tree with fruits Cherry tree in full flower in front of a lovely house Close up of a fig tree with fruits
Patio lemon tree Cherry Figs
close up of a gooseberry branch lined with berries lush bunch of green grapes on the vine Alpine strawberry plant loaded with berries
Gooseberry Grapes Alpine strawberry
One of our favorite ways to use our edibles is in homemade infused water concoctions. These easy, refreshing, low-cal drinks taste great and show off the beauty of your edible plants.

jar of water infused with lemon slices and lavender flowers


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