Vegetable Choices for Cold Frames

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Gardeners lucky enough to have a cold frame can extend their garden harvest from the earliest cool days of spring well into the chilly months of fall. Check out this list of cold-frame-loving veggies that make it possible to enjoy garden-fresh goodness nearly year-round.

Carrots, Daucus species Chives Endive
Carrots Chives Endive
Green bunching onions Leaf lettuce Mint, Mentha
Green Bunching Onions Leaf Lettuce Mint
Parsley Radishes Rosemary, Rosmarinus
Parsley Radishes Rosemary
Spinach Thyme Turnips
Spinach Thyme Turnips

Cold frames are an excellent place to root cuttings in the fall or start seeds in the early spring. Plants started in the cold frame should be ready for planting out in the garden once the danger of late frosts has passed. Learn more about cold frames!


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