What Should I Do in the Garden in April?

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March 1, 2021
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Here’s a list of 12 gardening tips of what you can do in the garden in April:

1. Control Weeds in Flower Gardens and the Lawn

When the forsythia shrubs are blooming, it’s time to apply pre-emergent weed killer to flower beds and crabgrass preventer to lawns.

2. Tidy Your Garden in Spring

Cut back dead material from last year’s plants. This allows more sunlight to reach this year’s growth, improves your garden’s appearance and reduces the chances of plant disease.

3. Prune Late Season-Flowering Trees and Shrubs in April

hands with pruning shears trimming a tree in early spring

Prune shrubs and trees that flower in late summer or autumn now. For spring and early summer bloomers only remove dead or damaged branches.

4. Decorate with Pots of Cold Tolerant Plants

Welcome spring to your front door with pots of cool-season annuals, such as pansies and snapdragons. You can also plant perennials in containers and transplant them to the garden later.

5. Amend Your Vegetable Garden

Add soil amendments to your vegetable garden. Get plant stakes, tomato cages and labels ready.

6. Spring is a Great Time to Repot Houseplants

hands transplanting ginseng ficus into a new pot

Give houseplants a bit of attention by dividing and repotting as needed. You should also start fertilizing as indoor plants begin to show spring growth.

7. Organize Your Shed and Garden Tools

In the shed, clean and sharpen garden tools, organize pots, plant foods and other supplies. You should also make a shopping list of any tools or supplies that need replacing.

8. Fertilize Shrubs and Perennial Plants in April

Apply slow-release fertilizers to shrubs and perennials when growth is visible. Begin watering plants if rainfall is below seasonal averages.

9. Divide and Share Your Perennial Plants

hands dividing hosta plant roots with a garden knife to make multiple hosta plants

Dig, divide and replant summer or fall-blooming perennials. Consider sharing extra plant divisions with new gardeners or your community garden.

10. Prune, Mulch and Fertilize Your Roses

When roses begin showing new growth, prune out winter-killed tips. You should also apply fresh mulch and begin fertilizing.

11. Trim Faded Flowers from Spring Bulbs

Cut back faded blooms and stems of spring bulbs, but not the leaves. The plant needs the leaves to collect and store energy in the bulb for next year’s flowers.

12. Start Planting Some Vegetables and Strawberries in April

strawberry plant in garden surrounded by straw mulch with lots of berries ready to harvest

Plant cool-season vegetables and strawberries outside now. You should also pull back the protective mulch from existing strawberry plantings.
Doing garden chores becomes a pleasure when you’re surrounded by early spring-flowering shrubs, trees and flowers. Start planning now for a more colorful spring by including some of these Plants to Celebrate Spring’s Return.


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