Pickle Plant (Delosperma echinatum)

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Plant Details

Category: Houseplants
Light: Bright Light
Bloom Season:
Height: 6-8" / 
Space: 6-12" / 
Zones: 10, 11
Lowest Temp: 30° to 40°F / 
-1° to 4°C
Colors: Yellow, White

Basic Care

Does best in light, well-drained soil. Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly during active growth. May be displayed outdoors in warmer weather.


Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings.


Potting mix designed for cacti and succulents.


Once every month during growing season.

Heat Tolerant

Ornamental Foliage


hanging baskets

Hanging Baskets


Native to South Africa, this fun trailing succulent produces plump leaves shaped like little pickles! The foliage is covered with fine white hairs that are soft to the touch. Also known as Mesembryanthemum echinatum and Drosanthemum pruinosum, a mature plant will produce small, daisy-like flowers. Potted plants can be grown outdoors in the summer and brought back inside when temperatures are expected to fall below 50°F (10°C). Can be grown outdoors year-round in frost-free climates, in a pot or in the ground.


Looks great grown in containers and hanging baskets. Makes a nice windowsill plant. May be displayed outdoors in warmer weather.

Pickle Plant (Delosperma echinatum) Care Guide


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